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About the founders of Heritage Europe.com

Mickey Bosschert is the founder of Heritage Europe. com. Mickey and Bob Bosschert founded Reliplan in 1995, an international organization for the purchase, sale and repurposing of religious buildings such as monasteries, chapels and church buildings and other social objects. Reliplan is active in 4 countries in Europe and has completed more than 900 transformations of church buildings and other cultural and social heritage.

Heritage is the set of stories, locations, buildings and objects that are passed on from generation to generation transferred. The term Heritage refers to valuable features from our culture and history, such as the design of buildings and farms in certain regions that are characteristic of that region; a specific use from the past (water towers, water mills, castles, lock keepers' houses, beguinages, forts, casemates, bastions and monumental train stations) as well as church buildings and monasteries and protected city and village views, but also works of art and intangible matters such as traditions and special events. Heritage makes us aware of our culture and history. It is important that as much of it as possible is preserved.

The website Heritage Europe.com is a specialist in bringing together the supply and demand of real estate if you want to sell or rent out a special property. You can register your property on our website, after which your object will be on the website for at least 12 months. You can also place a search query if you want to purchase or rent. Rent an overnight stay in a special object or location for a conference in a church building or Heritage Europe is an international platform supported by the founders who have many years of experience with monumental real estate and are themselves specialists in the repurposing, use and occupation of monuments.